An Upcoming Career Option for New Age Students

An Upcoming Career Option for New Age Students

In a world driven by the digital space, technology is driving every sphere of our lives. The cyber world is becoming more sophisticated form the digital aspect and as a result crime is also increasing. In such a scenario the job of a cyber lawyer is definitely in demand. Read the following post to know more about cyber law as a career. Cyber law as a career option is gaining popularity day by day. It is also a very important aspect of management training and legal training. Numerous management as well as legal professionals is taking up a career as a cyber lawyer now-a-days.

Cyber Lawyer: Job Description

The study of cyber law is apt for any law student who aspires in this filed. Any existing lawyer can also enroll himself for this course. A career as a cyber lawyer is also suitable for IT students and professionals. Any IT professional dealing with security can also opt for a cyber-law course. A system as well network administrator can also opt for this course. Apart from this any commerce student, company secretaries, chartered accounts etc. can also opt for this course. The work of a cyber lawyer is to deal with cyber crimes like credit card frauds, hacking, protecting digital software and protect digital signature in order to safeguard encryption codes or any business transaction. A cyber lawyer also needs to deal with Copyrights or Intellectual Property Laws, net banking and lot more.

New Trends in Cyber Law

The rapid development in the world of information technology has also offered a considerable change in the cyber world. As a result, many new trends and challenges are developing in the cyber world. These newer trends are taken up in the courses including cyber law. As the use of digital technology is increasing, so, it is obvious that newer trends will emerge and change from time to time. Some of the latest trends are the challenges in mobile law, legal issues regarding cyber security, cloud computing & law, legal problems and social media and spam laws. Broader trends can emerge in the future depending upon the advancement of jurisprudence.

Eligibility for Cyber Law

A course in cyber law is of immense help for those who want to deal with the internet world and indulge in the contemporary technological surroundings. In order to enroll for a cyber law course an individual must have cracked the higher Secondary Exam successfully.  To pursue a postgraduate course in cyber law one must have a formal LLB degree. Along with all these one must also have the interest as well as the basic knowledge about the cyber world. He must also be committed to master the different other aspects as well. One can also work as an intern while they study if they have gained an in-depth knowledge on their area.

Institutes offering a Degree in Cyber Law

Numerous institutes are there in India who offers a formal course in cyber law. Some of the top institutes are Asian School of Cyber Law- Mumbai, Indian Law Institute- Delhi, NALSAR- Hyderabad,  Indian Institute of Information Technology- Allahabad, National Law School of India, Symbiosis society’s law college- Pune, University of Hyderabad, Amity Law School- Delhi, University of Delhi’s law department, Cyber Law College- Chennai and a lot more. One can also opt for studying cyber law abroad. Some of the law colleges offering cyber law course abroad are Yale University, Stanford University, and Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, University Chicago and others.

Job Prospects and Remuneration

Numerous job opportunities are waiting for those who want to sound as the detectives of the cyber world. As this branch is gaining popularity day after day so job prospects are also increasing. Besides being a full time lawyer, one can also get his career set as a cyber consultant in the department of police or in any IT company and also in the leading banks. One can also work as a research assistance of a law company as well a technology company. Cyber lawyers are also of great help for a web developer. They can also act as advisors of a corporate house. One can also take up the profession of a cyber law trainer in a leading law school.

The salary of a cyber lawyer in a solicitor firm generally ranges between Rs. 15,000- Rs. 20,000. In a law firm or a corporate firm cyber lawyers are paid even more than Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000.

An upcoming field, Cyber law has great prospects for those who are looking towards making a career in this field.