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TheBikerWeb’s Biker Babe of the Day!

Do you have your own biker blog or website?
Do you use Google’s
“iGoogle” personal homepage?

Then click here to get TheBikerWeb's free widget for your iGoogle page: “The Biker Babe of the Day

You’ll automatically see a new biker babe pic for every day of the week... 

It’s “safe for work” (no nudity), and it’s free. 

And if you'd like to use it on your own biker blog or biker website,

you can customize it and get the embed code from Google here.

And if you like BikerSeek, why not try out the BikerSeek widget?

You can search with BikerSeek directly from your iGoogle homepage.  Just click here to get the BikerSeek Google Gadget.

And if you are using a Mac that’s running OS X 10.4 (also known as “Tiger”) or higher,

you’ll really love the “Biker Babes” Dashboard widget! 

With the “Biker Babes” Dashboard widget, you’ll be treated to a full biker babe slideshow right on your desktop. And these pics are different than those in the Biker Babe of the Day Google Gadget -- so if you install both, you won’t get bored.  :-)

Click Here to Download the Biker Babes Widget,

and just double-click it to install.